Solo with orchestra

Carlos Roque Alsina: Themen II  [for solo percussion and string orchestra]
Richard Rodney Bennett: Concerto  [for Marimba and Chamber Orchestra]
Joe Dudell: Snowblind  [for marimba and strings]
Tan Dun: Concerto for Paper  [Percussion and Orchestra Water Concerto]
Johannes Fischer: Traumspur  [music for solo percussion and orchestra]
H.K. Gruber: Rough Music  [for solo percussion and orchestra]
Georg Friedrich Haas: Wer, wenn ich schriee, hörte mich...  [for metall percussion and large ensemble]
Jonathan Harvey: percussion concerto  [...]
Toshio Hosokawa: Tabi-Bito (Wanderer)  [for solo percussion and orchestra]
Hans Ulrich Lehmann: Battements  [for solo percussion and chamber orchestra]
Dieter Mack: VUH  [for solo percussion and wind orchestra]
Enjott Schneider: Sisyphos  [Symphony for solo percussion and orchestra]
Daniel Schnyder: Concerto  [for Flute, Percussion and String Orchestra]

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