one drum, many dreams

(a detailed project description will follow soon)




James Tenney KOAN: Having never written a note for percussion before (Version für amplifizierte kleine Trommel und Tape-Delay)
Johannes Fischer: AIR (für kleine Trommel und Accessoires)
Mauricio Kagel: Nr. 1 und Nr. 4 aus: 10 Märsche um den Sieg zu verfehlen (Fassung für Solopercussion)
Johannes Fischer: Slow ride in a weird machine (für kleine Trommel, Toypiano, Orgelpfeifen und Elektronik)
Ross Karre: Popol Vuh (für große Trommel, Tontopf, Audio-und Videoprojektion)
Johannes Fischer: Black Waltz (für Rührtrommel, Accessoires und Elektronik)
Johannes Fischer: Drum'nBass (für sehr kleine Trommel, Pappkarton und Elektronik)


popol vuh unauffindbar bei youtube


Berliner Morgenpost: "Der Zauberer unter den Schlagzeugern"

Schwäbische Zeitung: "So hat man Schlagzeug noch nie gehört!"

Bachtrack: "...his solo piece Air (for snare drum and accessories), a mesmerising performance full of variety. With the snare muted, he explored the different gentle sounds made using a series of brushes (scrubbing, washing up, table and traditional jazz), altering the pitch of the drum by finger presses. Suddenly, what looked like two wooden knitting needles came out, Fischer striking the edge of the drum with different lengths producing varied notes, like a schoolboy twanging a ruler on a desk, followed by a tattoo blizzard, a raging blur of sticks. A triangle was played conventionally, but then placed on the drum and attacked with big sticks striking an urgent rhythm. Fischer placed electric hair clippers on the drum skin, making the sound beat using finger pressure, and humming harmonic intervals with the electric buzz. Finally, the snare was released, the triangle back on the drum in a build up to a thrilling finish with turbo whistle, a ping from a table top summoning bell ending this compelling and inventive performance."